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Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER Fleet List

Current Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER Routes

Air New Zealand ordered 5 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft in 2009 for the flagship NZ1/NZ2 Auckland - Los Angeles - London Heathrow and other prime trans-Pacific services. The 777-300ERs were delivered with a  plain which fuselage with no Pacific Wave.

With the 777-300ER came some revolutionary on-board products. Within the Economy cabin there are several rows of “Skycouch” seats in the outer A/B/C H/J/K sections. These seats have armrests that fit flush to the seat back when in the raised position and a leg section that raises to form a flat surface with the seat section. This flat surface extends to the seat in front. Two passengers can book a Skycouch for an additional fee. This then gives a guarantee of an empty middle seat and a large flat surface if required for sleeping.

Boeing 777-300ER

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER Livery.

Air New Zealand Livery.

Even more revolutionary was the Premium Economy cabin fitted with “SpaceSeats”. These are arranged just six abreast in 2-2-2 configuration and are set at an angle.  The outer seats both face outwards with an advertised feature being the ability for passengers to sit sideways to face each other for dining. During their initial months of service feedback was that the seats were placed far too close together and the decision was taken to remove one row of seats and increase the seat pitch throughout the cabin.

The type entered service on 11 January 2011 when ZK-OKM began operating on Trans-Tasman services. From 1 April 2011 the type took over the flagship NZ2/NZ1 Auckland - Los Angeles - London Heathrow route from Boeing 747-400s. Between early morning arrival in Auckland on NZ1 and evening departure as NZ2 the fleet appear on trans-Tasman flights from Auckland - Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and occasionally fill in on Pacific Islands routes.

Fourth aircraft ZK-OJP was delivered from Paine Field - Auckland on 7 November 2011.

Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER.