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Air New Zealand Airbus A320 Fleet List

Current Air New Zealand A320 Routes

Air New Zealand received its first Airbus A320 on 16 September 2003 when ZK-OJA joined the fleet. Aircraft were initially delivered in an 8J/154Y configuration for Tasman and Pacific flying.

On 3 November 2009 Air New Zealand announced an order for a further 14 Airbus A320s. Although these are to replace the Boeing 737-300 on Domestic services a number of the aircraft will be fitted with “Sharklet” winglets which will increase fuel efficiency on longer sectors. These are therefore expected to operate on Tasman and Pacific Islands services displacing existing aircraft which will then transfer to Domestic duties.

From November 2010 the A320 fleet has operated in all-Economy configuration with aircraft initially being fitted with 171 seats. However International aircraft were subsequently refitted to 168 seats.

Two new Domestic aircraft were delivered in 2011 with ZK-OAB appearing in a black “Crazy About Rugby” scheme.

On 26 June 2004 Freedom Air Limited was named ZEAL 320 Ltd and assumed operation of all Airbus A320 aircraft whether in the Air New Zealand or Freedom Air fleets under one operating certificate. This did not affect the on board product on the two different brands. Only aircraft ZK-OJJ, ZK-OJK and ZK-OJO appeared in Freedom Air.

On 29 March 2008 Zeal 320 Ltd was brought back the aircraft all returned to the under the Air New Zealand operating certificate. However cabin crew are still employees of the subsidiary company and work at cheaper rates than crew on other types.

Air New Zealand A320 Liveries

Airbus A320

Air New Zealand

Crazy About Rugby Livery

Pacific Wave Livery

Air New Zealand A320 Lord of The Rings Livery.

Lord of The Rings Livery - Obsolete

Freedom Air Airbus A320

Freedom Air Livery - Obsolete

Air New Zealand Airbus A320 Crazy About Rugby. Air New Zealand Airbus A320 Pacific Wave Livery