31/05/12 Air New Zealand Link Cancellations.

The following Air New Zealand Link services did not operate today:

NZ2148 Gisborne – Auckland
NZ2216 Hamilton – Auckland
NZ2222 Masterton – Auckland
NZ2301 Wellington – Timaru
NZ2303 Timaru – Wellington
NZ2425 Palmerston North – Wellington
NZ2436 Wellington – Palmerston North
NZ2455 Wellington – Blenheim
NZ2484 Blenheim – Wellington
NZ2499 Wellington – Blenheim
NZ2801 Whangarei – Auckland
NZ2752 Wanganui – Auckland
NZ5012 Dunedin – Christchurch
NZ5036 Dunedin – Wellington
NZ5049 Wellington – Dunedin
NZ8454 Wellington – Napier
NZ8477 Napier – Wellington

Extra Saturday Los Angeles Service Added.

Air New Zealand loaded an additional Auckland – Los Angeles frequency into GDS   systems today. The new Boeing 777-200ER flight will operate on Saturdays from 1st September 2012 to the following schedule:

NZ4 Auckland 2030 – Los Angeles 1145

Los Angeles 2000 – Auckland 0600+2

30/05/12 Air New Zealand Link Cancellations.

The following Air New Zealand Link services did not operate today:

NZ2134 Gisborne – Auckland

NZ2137 Auckland – Gisborne

NZ2532 Whaketane – Auckland

NZ2651 Kerikeri – Auckland

NZ2755 Auckland – Wanganui

NZ2756 Wanganui – Auckland

NZ2814 Auckland – Whangarei

NZ8056 Invercargill – Christchurch.


29/05/12 Air New Zealand Link Cancellations.

The following Air New Zealand link flights did not operate today:

NZ2121 Blenheim – Christchurch
NZ2123 Blenheim – Christchurch
NZ2148 Gisborne – Auckland
NZ2665 Kerikeri – Auckland
NZ2750 Wanganui – Auckland
NZ2851 Whangarei – Auckland
NZ8069 Christchurch – Invercargill
NZ8086 Dunedin – Christchurch.

28/05/12 Air New Zealand Link Flight Cancellations.

The following Eagle and Mount Cook operated Air New Zealand Link flights did not operate today:

NZ2016 Wanaka – Christchurch

NZ2121 Brisbane – Christchurch

NZ2148 Gisborne – Auckland

NZ2350 Rotorua – Auckland

NZ2364 Rotorua – Auckland

NZ2462 Blenheim – Wellington

NZ2704 Tauranga – Auckland

NZ2710 Tauranga – Auckland

NZ8078 Invercargill – Christchurch

NZ8083 Christchurch – Dunedin

NZ8144 Nelson – Wellington

NZ8145 Wellington – Nelson

NZ8525 Nelson – Christchurch

NZ8634 Christchurch – Nelson


Auckland Weather Cancellations

Fog at Auckland decimated Air New Zealand schedules today with the following flights cancelled:

NZ506 Christchurch – Auckland
NZ509 Auckland – Christchurch
NZ515 Auckland – Christchurch
NZ2143 Auckland – Gisborne
NZ2152 Gisborne – Auckland
NZ2158 Gisborne – Auckland
NZ2159 Auckland – Gisborne
NZ2163 Auckland – Blenheim
NZ2165 Auckland – Blenheim
NZ2169 Auckland – Blenheim
NZ2170 Blenheim – Auckland
NZ2172 Blenheim – Auckland
NZ2176 Blenheim – Auckland
NZ2208 Hamilton – Auckland
NZ2351 Auckland – Rotorua
NZ2360 Rotorua – Auckland
NZ2533 Auckland – Whakatane
NZ2541 Auckland – Whakatane
NZ2542 Whakatane – Auckland
NZ2544 Whakatane – Auckland
NZ2608 Auckland – Kaitaia
NZ2609 Kaitaia – Auckland
NZ2661 Kerikeri – Auckland
NZ2664 Auckland – Kerikeri
NZ2665 Kerikeri – Auckland
NZ2707 Auckland – Tauranga
NZ2719 Auckland – Tauranga
NZ2730 Tauranga – Auckland
NZ2750 Wanganui – Auckland
NZ2753 Auckland – Wanganui
NZ2758 Wanganui – Auckland
NZ2817 Whangarei – Auckland
NZ2848 Auckland – Whangarei
NZ2979 Auckland – Taupo
NZ5071 Auckland – Palmerston North
NZ5201 Auckland – Napier
NZ5202 Napier – Auckland
NZ8203 Auckland – Tauranga
NZ8220 Tauranga – Auckland
NZ8226 Nelson – Auckland
NZ8375 Auckland – Nelson
NZ8376 Nelson – Auckland
NZ8405 Auckland – Napier
NZ8408 Napier – Auckland
NZ8431 Auckland – Napier
NZ8490 Paraparaumu – Auckland
NZ8491 Auckland – Paraparaumu
NZ8492 Paraparaumu – Auckland
NZ8676 Auckland – Kerikeri
NZ8677 Kerikeri – Auckland
NZ8803 Auckland – New Plymouth
NZ8806 New Plymouth – Auckland
NZ8810 New Plymouth – Auckland
NZ8822 New Plymouth – Auckland
NZ8823 Auckland – New Plymouth
NZ8825 Auckland – New Plymouth

B777-300ER ZK-OKM Tasman Extra.

Boeing 777-319ER ZK-OKM operated Auckland – Sydney this morning as NZ1965 returning this evening as NZ1966.

A320 ZK-OJD International Awayday.

Airbus A320 ZK-OJD positioned Auckland – Sydney as NZ6002 this afternoon in order to operate a Sydney – Auckland charter as NZ1968. The aircraft then operated an Auckland – Tonga charter as NZ1966 positioning back to Auckland as NZ6003.

A320 ZK-OJN Returns to Auckland.

Following its emergency return to Brisbane on 19th May whilst operating NZ764 Brisbane – Norfolk Island Airbus A320 ZK-OJN today positioned Brisbane – Auckland as NZ6010.

A320 ZK-OJB Tasman Positioning Flight.

Airbus A320 ZK-OJB positioned Auckland – Brisbane this afternoon as NZ6003 in order to replace sister ZK-OJN on the NZ674/NZ675 Brisbane – Norfolk Island rotation.

A320 ZK-OJN NZ764 Brisbane Return.

Airbus A320 ZK-OJN operating NZ764 Brisbane – Norfolk Island after crew needed to shut down the right hand engine and declare PAN on climb out from Brisbane. The aircraft had returned to service today following an emergency return to Christchurch yesterday.

A320 ZK-OJN Christchurch Test Flight.

Following its return to Christchurch yesterday due to a technical issue Airbus A320 ZK-OJN undertook a Christchurch – Christchurch test flight this morning as NZ6011 before re-entering service as NZ803 Christchurch – Brisbane.

18/05/12 Air New Zealand Cancellations.

The following flights did not operate today:

NZ804 Brisbane – Christchurch

NZ805 Christchurch – Brisbane

NZ884 Sydney – Christchurch

NZ887 Christchurch – Sydney.

ZK-OJN NZ887 Christchurch Technical Return.

Airbus A320 ZK-OJN operating NZ887 Christchurch – Sydney returned to Christchurch very shortly after departure due to a technical issue. Fire trucks were in attendance due to the aircraft landing heavy.

The flight and the return NZ884 were subsequently cancelled.

A320 ZK-OJB Positioning Flight.

Airbus A320 ZK-OJB positioned Christchurch – Auckland early this afternoon as NZ6860. The aircraft has been under maintenance at Christchurch since 1st May.

A320 ZK-OJS NZ546 Wellington Diversion.

Following the earlier return of sister ZK-OAB to Auckland whilst operating NZ445 Auckland – Wellington and the cancellation of the return NZ446, Airbus A320 ZK-OJS operating NZ546 Christchurch – Auckland diverted via Wellington this evening to collect stranded passengers.

A320 ZK-OAB NZ445 Return to Auckland.

Airbus A320 ZK-OAB operating NZ445 Auckland – Wellington returned to Auckland today after encountering a freak electrical storm shortly after departure. The flight and the return NZ446 were subsequently cancelled.

ZK-NCJ Tasman Extra.

After overnighting at Sydney and spending the day there Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCJ operated Sydney – Auckland this evening as NZ1964.

ZK-SJB Dunedin Technical Issue.

Boeing 737-33R ZK-SJB operated NZ673 Auckland – Dunedin this afternoon however the return NZ674 was cancelled indicating a technical issue with the aircraft.

ZK-NCJ Tasman Extra.

Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCJ operated an extra Auckland – Sydney flight today as NZ1963.

11/05/12 Flight Cancellations.

The following flights did not operate today:

NZ406 Wellington – Auckland

NZ415 Auckland – Wellington.

A320 ZK-OJH Positions to Auckland.

Following its diversion to Christchurch late last night whilst operating NZ726 Melbourne – Auckland Airbus A320 ZK-OJH positioned Christchurch – Auckland late this morning as NZ6800.

A320 ZK-OJF NZ726 Christchurch Diversion.

Air New Zealand Airbus A320 ZK-OJF operating NZ726 Melbourne – Auckland diverted to Christchurch late this evening. It is unclear whether the diversion was technical or medical.

Perth 777-200 Upgauge.

Air New Zealand today announced that from 28th October 2012 the NZ175/NZ176 Auckland – Perth service will be upgauged from Boeing 767-300ER to Boeing 777-200ER equipment. This will provide an extra 518 seats in each direction every week.

Fourth Weekly Honolulu Service Canned.

Air New Zealand today withdrew from GDS systems its planned fourth weekly Auckland – Honolulu NZ10/NZ9 scheduled to commence on 15th November 2012.

A320 ZK-OJK Returns to Air New Zealand.

Airbus A320 ZK-OJK departed Seletar today routing as NZ6390 Seletar – Cairns – Christchurch.

This aircraft was delivered to Air New Zealand subsidiary Freedom Air in May 2005 before departing on lease to TAM Airlines of Brazil in July 2006.

The addition of this aircraft brings the A320 fleet up to seventeen.